White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tests Positive for Covid-19

According to a statement on Sunday night, Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, has tested positive for covid-19. Psaki has been vaccinated against coronavirus, and is only showing mild symptoms.


President Joe Biden is currently visiting Europe to attend the G20 meeting, in Rome, and the COP26 conference on climate change in Glasgow. Psaki didn't travel to Europe for these events. She was forced to stay at home because some members of her family had tested positive. Gregory Mecher is a Democratic advisor to several congressmen. Psaki and Mecher have two children together, both under five years old.

Psaki stated in her statement that I have not been in close contact with the president or any other senior White House staff members since Wednesday. I also tested negative for four days following my last contact. I am disclosing today's positive test because of the need to be transparent.

Psaki said that I saw the president for the first time on Tuesday. We sat together outside six feet apart and wore masks.

Psaki tested negative repeatedly after learning of the illness of her family member. She didn't test positive until four days after discovering that her family member had tested positive. This shouldn't surprise. You can be infected with the coronavirus for as little as two weeks.

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Following a negative rapid antibody test, I plan to return to work at the end of the ten-day quarantine. This is an additional White House requirement beyond CDC guidance.

In December 2020, President Biden was administered his first and second doses respectively of the covid-19 vaccine. Biden also received a booster shot in September.


Although the covid-19 vaccines have been shown to be extremely effective in preventing serious illness or death, there are still some cases of breakthrough. Anti-vaccine advocates are already using social media to ask how someone who is close to the president could get covid-19 vaccines if they were vaccinated.

Travis Tritt (a country singer and Fox News host who is white supremacist Tucker Carlson's guest), tweeted his skepticism regarding the covid-19 vaccines.


Jon Bon Jovi, Jen Psaki and others are the latest to be fully vaccinated with full-blown Covid. Tritt tweeted late Sunday asking how many more we need before serious questions can be asked about our government and the CDC.

Although no vaccine is perfect, it is better than not having any vaccine at all. The Pfizer vaccine is effective in preventing infection from 75% to 91% depending on when you received it. The immunity to Pfizers vaccine has waned over time. You should get your booster shot as soon as you can. Even though vaccines may not be perfect, they are still your best chance of staying out the hospital.


Unvaccinated people are more likely to need hospitalization following covid-19. It's not a conspiracy against those who are unvaccinated. It's just how vaccines work. You have a lower chance of contracting covid-19 if you are vaccinated. Even if you do get the disease you will almost certainly live. Get the jab. It will be a great decision.