Roblox is back online after three days of Halloween outage – TechCrunch

Roblox, a gaming platform that is extremely popular among young players, announced on Twitter Sunday night that it was back online worldwide.
Roblox is now online! We appreciate your patience while we return to normal. Roblox (@Roblox), October 31, 2021

After an outage lasting three days, the recovery was completed. This is a rare instance of blackout in a tech company of Roblox's size. The cause of the outage was stated earlier by the company as an internal system problem.

After operations were restored, David Baszucki (founder and CEO of Robloxs), explained that a core system within our infrastructure was overwhelmed.

This was not because of any spike in traffic from outside or any other experience. The failure was due to the increase in servers within our datacenters. Roblox's services were thus unable to communicate effectively and could not be deployed.

Baszucki stated that recovery took longer than expected because of difficulties in diagnosing the bug.

Rumors suggested that the crash was caused by a promotional partnership between Roblox and Chipotle. Chipotle planned to offer $1 million worth burritos free to Roblox users around Halloween. Roblox tweeted that it was not caused by any partnerships or experiences on the platform.

Also, the Roblox crash occurred just after Facebook's announcement of Meta as its new brand. Roblox, which allows users build and play games is often referred to as the emblem for metaverses.

Roblox's millions of developers make a living selling games to children and teens, so the outage is causing frustration among young users. Roblox had 43 million active users per day as of August.

Roblox's three-day disruption may affect investor confidence in its technical capabilities once the market opens Monday.