Tom Brady slams NFL defensive players, says they could never play offense

Tom Brady. AP Photo/Jason Behnken
Tom Brady doesn’t believe that defending in the NFL can be complicated.

Brady spoke succinctly about defensive philosophy while appearing as a guest on ESPN's ManningCast.

Brady stated, "Defense is sort of like a dog following a car. Just get the guy with a ball."

Tom Brady seems to not believe that playing defense in the NFL can be difficult.

Brady, who was a guest on ESPN's ManningCast, joked that most NFL defense is very simple.

"Have any of you been to one of those defensive meeting rooms?" Brady asked Eli Manning and Peyton Manning, their brothers. "You wonder why they play defensive, and then you realize that they couldn't be offensive players.

"Defense is a bit like a dog following a car. Just get the guy with a ball."

-Sportskeeda Pro Football October 26, 2021 (@SKProFootball).

Although Brady's remarks were clearly tongue-in-cheek they received a response from some defenders including Tedy Bruschi, Brady's former Patriots teammate.

Brady has been a joker about opposing defenses throughout his 20-year tenure in the NFL. Brady, 41 years old, is the leader in the league's passing yards and touchdowns.

Brady can still make as many jokes as he likes until those numbers drop.

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