A reddit user found a creepy 'black hole' on Google maps and users couldn't figure out what it was

Google Maps is a great tool for discovering mysterious images.
Redditor Felix found a mysterious black island in middle of the ocean.

This image led to many hypotheses, ranging from secret portals to military bases.

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Google Maps is an excellent tool to get from A to B for most people.

It's an intriguing source of mystery for a small number of curious people.

You may find images that seem to hide something if you look closely enough. These images could be signs that Google Maps has been bugging you.

No matter what the truth, the debates it prompts are always entertaining and stimulating.

This is exactly what happened when a Reddit user found a black hole at the center of the ocean while using Google Maps.

"What the fuck?" wrote kokoblocks in the Google Maps subreddit. "This is not an island.

Initial suggestions suggested that the island was a secret military base.

KorvisKhan observed, "Looks censored because of some reason."

Jazzlike_Log_709 added, "My first thought was it's censored." It wouldn't make sense to have a natural formation be as black in such a small, shallow atoll/island.

Google frequently blurs out specific locations, such as military bases or prison yards, in order to keep their structure and location secret.

According to Live Science, Google sometimes chooses to obscure sensitive geographic locations such as military bases or prison yards. This is done to protect information about the structure and location of their locations.

Many theories surrounding the black spot were focused on explaining the image's blackness.

"Could be an underground Volcano that causes the blackness. Assuming it isn’t a hole. Most likely, igneous rocks," stated The_Professor64.

Some people took this opportunity to make fun of the post and suggested that it could be an island from "Lost." Another user suggested that it might be the Hollow Earth entrance.

Others indulge in wild conspiracy theories such as the Hollow Earth theory. This theory suggests that the Earth is entirely hollow.

Some believe there is another world beneath the Earth's crust. Others suggest that there is a sun. And there are those who believe there are dinosaurs hiding there.

They may be surprised to learn that the mysterious location on Google Maps is Vostok Island. It is located northeast of New Zealand, and it belongs to the Republic of Kiribati. This island nation in Central Pacific includes 33 coral islands and atolls.

You can also remove the blackness from the image.

SatisfactionAny20 explained that what you think is black actually has very dark green. It's a dense forest of Pisonia trees.

Don't lose heart if you are looking for evidence from another dimension or stumbled across an unusual conspiracy.

Google Maps has many other odd images, and almost every Int debate can be used to support them.