Kal Penn comes out, announces engagement to longtime partner

Kal Penn will publish You Cant Be Serious on November 2. However, the book only covers one aspect of his personal life. He has been in a relationship for 11 years with Josh and they are now engaged. Penn, probably best known for his Harold And Kumar films, spoke about it today on CBS Sunday Morning. He also met with People to discuss a few details.

Penn claims that he met his partner during the sabbatical when he switched from acting to working with Barack Obamas White House. On their first date, he brought an 18-pack Coors Light and an insatiable hunger to watch NASCAR. He says that it was only a few months later and they were now watching NASCAR every Sunday.

Penn claims that he discovered his sexuality late in his life than many others, but his family and friends have always been supportive. Although it may sound absurd, he said that if you have already informed your Indian parents and South Asian community that you plan to become an actor, then any subsequent conversations are very easy.

He does admit that his fianc and his parents are private. Therefore, he did not want to put anyone in the spotlight. However, he was authentic about his perspective. He said that the entire point of the book was to make readers feel as if they were sharing a beer, so he wanted it to bring the same joy he experienced when he lived through the stories in it. It will be available November 2.