Australian borders are finally open. Here's who will be allowed in

Australia received its first foreign visitor Monday, after having closed its international borders for 600 days because of the pandemic. The country is now taking steps to lift the restrictions.
New Zealanders who have been fully vaccinated and tested negative for Covid can now enter Australia. They may be permitted to skip quarantine in New South Wales and other jurisdictions, but these conditions could differ in other states or territories.

Singaporeans will soon be the next group of foreign tourists who can travel to Australia.

Covid-19-vaccinated travelers from the city state can travel to New South Wales or Victoria Australia from Nov. 21. They will also need to pass pre-departure Covid testing.

According to reports, the decision was made on Sunday by Scott Morrison, Australia's Prime Minister, and Lee Hsien Loong from Singapore at the G-20 summit in Italy.

"Australia is open. Morrison stated Sunday that Australians are now travelling again during a press conference in Rome. "Australia is opening up to Singapore and New Zealand," Morrison said Sunday at a press briefing in Rome.