7 spooky TV shows to start even after Halloween ends

October can be very busy. These 31 days go by much faster than the Monster Mash, whether you're working on a costume or juggling group chats. We understand if your TV is a little behind.
With the cozy season upon us, you'll be able to keep your fascination with all things creepy throughout fall and beyond. We have gathered some of our favourite spookiest and spookiest series, with an emphasis on titles that are a bit off the beaten track to help you get streaming started.

These 7 hidden gems of horror television are available to you right now, in no particular order.

1. Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving's 1820 tale "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" was adapted many times. But Sleepy Hollow gives a modern twist to Irving's original story by fast-forwarding to 21st century. This show features Ichabod (Tom Mison), who pulls a Rip van Winkle (an Irving story, too) and miraculously awakens hundreds of years later than his supposed death during the Revolutionary War. With the help of Abbie mills, a police officer in modern Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod adapts to modern living with her. Her mysterious destiny is linked to Ichabod's and the Horseman's fates as well as the horrific history of the town. A headless Hessian horseman, in a town overrun by zombies and witches is all that matters. Alexis Nedd Senior Entertainment Reporter

How to watch: Sleepy Hollow streaming on Hulu

2. Monsterland

Kaitlyn dever in "Monsterland" Credit: hulu

Every episode of Hulu original Monsterland is set in a different haunted area of the United States. The horrors of this episode are literal and metaphorical. There are jazz vampires and meat-eating mermaids lurking in the shadows of humanity.

Monsterland's anthologized episodes feature Kelly Marie Tran and Mike Colter as well as Taylor Schilling and other stars. However, their stories force the audience to question which characters are monsters and which are simply human. A.N. A.N.

How to watch: Monsterland streaming on Hulu

3. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks has been a key reference point for elite TV for decades. Mark Frost and David Lynch's mesmerizing world of humor, dreams and mystery was a seismic shift in the medium’s possibilities. The cinematic stylings and genre-blending narratives, as well as the unique character creation, were so impressive that it is hard to imagine other elite TV shows comparing them.

If you have been wondering who killed Laura Palmer for a long time, now is the right time to find out. Because answers can be very subjective in Twin Peaks, I am putting them in quotes. Serve with cherry pie and donuts. Alison Foreman, Entertainment Reporter *

How to Watch: Twin Peaks streaming on Hulu

4. The Witcher

The battle scenes in "The Witcher" will be a hit. Credit: netflix

When Netflix announced that it would adapt The Witcher into a series, comics and video game fans were thrilled. Those same fans were confused by five episodes of twisty-turny terror when the series premiered. We were eager for Season 2 (now scheduled for Dec. 17,2021), even though the final three episodes had tied them together.

Henry Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia in the movie, a kick-ass monster hunter. Although his high-stakes mission may not be easy to follow, the battle scenes and visual styling are so exquisitely beautiful that you won't even care.

How to watch: The Witcher can be viewed on Netflix.

5. Bates Motel

With his hilariously gory masterpiece Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock created the slasher genre. Norman Bates, the film’s shocking villain and chilling nemesis, has been the model for disturbed horror villains for over 60 years. Bates Motel is asking the same questions as Psycho about Norman's past. Why would a man dress up as his mother to stab women in the shower? How is he able to be both good and bad at taxidermy. Would it be possible to explain the incest? Freddie Highmore is Norman's young brother, and Vera Farmiga (Emmy-nominated) as his mother Norma. All of your questions are answered by Highmore. A.N. A.N.

How to Watch: Bates Motel streaming on Peacock

6. Room 104

Register at 'Room104' Credit: hbo max

Duplass Brothers Productions' arthouse anthology is not all scary. It's the series' diverse mix of stories that make it unique and makes its horror installments some the most frightening on the market. Each episode of Room 104 is set in a mysterious motel room with a rotating cast who come to share stories of different ilks. You're about to see a cartoon featuring teen werewolves, a cannibalism drama and a trip to outer space. You can binge-watch four seasons of the Twilight Zone. Do yourself a favor, and don't spoil the show. We'll be there to thank you. A.F.

How to watch: Room104 is available on HBO Max.

7. Channel Zero

Channel Zero's Nick Antosca is the creator of some of the most terrifying screams.

This four-season horror fest transforms a quartet of creepypastas in to a brutal binge. It consists of six episodes per year. It adapts "Candle cove" by Kris Straub, "The No-End House", by Brian Russell, in Season 2, "Search and Rescue" in Season 3, and "Hidden Door", by Charlotte Bywater in season 4. You're sure to have a great time if you are familiar with the source material. If you don't know the source material, then it is a great adventure. This one will be tough. A.F.

How to watch: Channel Zero streams on Shudder.

Honorable mention: Into the Dark

You're going to want to head 'Into The Dark.' Credit: hulu

Hulu's Into the Dark struggle to rank on entertainment rankings. This is not because it's bad, but because it's categorised as a movie anthology which makes it difficult to distinguish between film and TV. We will recommend this serialized collection again as an honorable mention. Each title is inspired by a different holiday, such as Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day or Pet Appreciation Week. Each title tackles a new terror, whether it's an invading alien or slasher villain.

For your convenience, we have ranked all Hulu's Into The Dark horrors.

How to watch: Into the Dark streams on Hulu.

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