October 2021: Box Office, Dune, Venom, Halloween Kills

We have covered the October weekend box office pretty extensively. It was difficult not to cover big tentpoles such as Venom, Dune and Halloween Kills. And it seemed to have paid off in long-term because domestically, things were better than they've been in quite a while.


The United States estimates that October will bring in $638 million to the box office. This take home is the biggest domestic box office for theatrical movies since February 2020 and has now passed July as the highest-grossing month. This weekend's top 5 films were all big franchises: Venom 2 (190 million), No Time to Die (130M), Halloween Kills (85M), Dune, which is nice at $69M, and The Addams Family 2 (552M).

This is good news for all franchises, but it's not great for the new releases that close the month. The fourth-place finisher, My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission, came in at $6.4million. Although not as successful as Demon Slayer Mugen Train, which was a huge success over the summer but it is a significant improvement on the $5.8 million opening of Heroes Rising last year. The horror films Antlers and Edgar Wrights time travel mind bender Last Night In Soho were at the bottom of the list with $4.16 millions.

What's in store for November theaters? Eternals is next week's divisive Marvel movie. It stars a group of misfits in costumes who try to atone for the damage done to the world by the past six or seven disasters. Given the MCU franchise's history, it is expected to open at $80M its first weekend. Other standout films include Disney's Encanto and Ghostbusters 2: Afterlife. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon Town and House of Gucci are also among the top choices. With the holiday season, it is anyone's guess what will be a hit with audiences.

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