Biden scratches head when asked about possible payments to illegal migrants

FIRST ON FOX: On Sunday, President Biden did not answer a Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy's question about his administration's reported plan of paying $450,000 per person for illegal immigrants who were separated from their families under the Trump administration.
"Mr. President! Is it true that we are going to give $450,000 for border crossers who have been separated?" Doocy shouted at Biden as he rode an elevator after his Rome press conference, which was the culmination of a two day meeting with G20 leaders.

Biden, who was looking at the camera as Doocy asked the question. He responded by looking away from Doocy and scratching his forehead.

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, speaks at a press conference during the G20 leaders summit in Rome (Italy), October 31, 2021. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque Reuters

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services were considering making payments of $450,000 for family members who were separated because they crossed the border illegally under the Trump administration.

The Journal stated that the payments could reach close to $1million per family and $1Billion overall. However, many families would receive smaller payouts.


Critics have voiced outrage at the reported plan and condemned it. Some pointed out that these payments would be more than those received by families of 9/11 victims or Gold Star families.

A single tax-free $100,000 payment is the death gratuity for military personnel who have lost loved ones. The Servicemember Group Life Insurance is another option. This is a life insurance policy that is limited to $400,000 and requires that service members have contributed to it.

Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. House Minority Leader, stated that the payments were another way President Biden was putting America last.

He said that "lawyers in his own government admit payouts to illegal immigrant could be greater than what the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11" "Disgraceful."

This report was contributed by Adam Shaw, Fox News.