Japanese Man Dressed as Joker Goes on Knifing Rampage on Train

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Japanese man dressed up as Joker, went on a rampage aboard a train in Tokyo with a knife -- video of passengers trying to flee is terrifying.

This is some wild footage taken inside a subway car on Sunday as it headed to Shinjuku station. People were running for their lives after a man, who's only 24 years old, started randomly stabbing people while wearing a Joker costume.

It is easy to see people jumping from one train car to the next in panic and then gathering on the other end, obviously scared to death. Although it looks real, it is as real as you can get.

Witnesses reported that the man was holding a knife with blood on it -- something local media thought was a joke for Halloween -- and then started swinging it. He was able to successfully stab upwards of 10 people, according to reports.

Suivi - attaque de #tokyo , lhomme qui a attaqu les passagers tait dguis en batman pic.twitter.com/ectjW15Mmy LesNews (@LesNews) October 31, 2021 @LesNews

Then he began to spray the interior with some liquid and set the train ablaze. This is why all that smoke was building up and people were literally running out of windows trying to escape. According to cops, at least 17 people were injured, in varying degrees.

After all the chaos, the perp seems to have sat down and lit a cigarette while crossing his legs, taking in all that he had just done. It sounds as creepy as it is. He was filmed by people outside, but all he did was stare back at them and smoke.

He was arrested on suspicion of attempted killing, and other charges. The man didn't fight back -- it appears that he cooperated with the police and was taken into custody.

Although police say they have no clear motive, we are certain that this man will be subject to the most thorough interrogation of his life in order to determine why he did it.