Roblox comes back online after three-day outage

After a three-day disruption, Roblox has finally returned to normal. After identifying the problem three hours prior, Roblox's developer stated that it was "incrementally” restoring service to affected regions. Although the company had identified a potential candidate for October 30th, it didn't make a decision until one day later.
Although the company did not provide details about the cause, it had previously excluded certain "experiences and partnerships." Many blamed the outage on a Chipotle promotion that was launched just half an hour before the October 28th failure.

It doesn't matter what the cause was, the outage may have had a lasting impact. Roblox is home to many major concerts and boasts over 40 million daily users. This could lead to frustration for more than just kids. Parents and creators may also be concerned about the platform's long-term reliability.