Luigi Finally Gets His Lego Due With Luigi's Mansion Sets

Nintendo shines the spotlight so heavily on Mario that they even turn their eyes to Luigi, Mario's younger brother. The same goes for Lego. As of a few months ago, the green plumber now has his Super Mario Starter Course and is getting his own set. And the ghouls and goblins who want to get a piece of his overalls.


In 2022, a trio of expansions will arrive all themed around Luigis Mansion. This subseries features Luigi Mario going to haunted homes and busting ghosts using a vacuum cleaner. The Lab and Poltergust sets will cost $30 and feature Professor E. Gadd and the laboratory. Here you can practice your phantom catching skills using a Poltergust with a Strobulb accessory. If you need an incentive to chase that jerk, you can earn a coin for catching the Gold Ghost.

Entryway will cost $40, and you'll need to come up with an innovative way to defeat Bogmire. Also, you will need to search for Polterpups Golden Bone to give it to him. While you're out and about, try not to be scared by Boos.

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The $80 Haunt and Seek set includes a series of rotating hallways that can be used to hunt gems and fight ghosts. You can attach the two other sets to this set to create a huge mansion that you can customize however you wish. The press release also encourages the use of other Lego Super Mario sets for even more variety. If you're creative enough, it might be a fun way to play Luigis Mansion multiplayer with your friends. It could be the next generation of LAN parties. Those have mostly died long ago with some exceptions.

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The three sets of Luigis Mansion will be available worldwide starting January 1. It's a great way to welcome the new year if you do anything.

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