Peyton Manning, honored by Denver Broncos before game, says he's not involved with potential new ownership groups

DENVER -- Peyton Manning, the Hall of Fame quarterback, stated Sunday that he is not currently involved in any new ownership groups for the Broncos and would not know what to say if asked.
Manning, a Broncos fan who attended most Broncos home game as a spectator, was recognized at a pregame ceremony to be the newest member of Team's Ring of Fame.

The Broncos will be sold next year due to a dispute between Pat Bowlen's children over how ownership should be structured. Pat Bowlen died in 2019.

Since 2014, the Pat Bowlen trust has managed the team. Bowlen died from early Alzheimer's disease. Manning's name has been a constant topic in public discussions about the future of the team in recent months.

Manning stated Sunday that he has not had any serious conversations. "Certainly, there are some people who have called and asked me what I think will happen to the Broncos. Is it possible to buy the team? I'm still looking for the $3 billion, but I don't see it. I believe it's hidden somewhere. It's not on my radar.

Manning said, "People are clearly interested, they're curious," "I care because it's where I live and I go to the games. I want to know what happens like everyone else. However, I do not have any relationship or agreement whatsoever with anyone.

Manning, along with his brother Eli has several charitable endeavors. Manning also hosts the Manning Cast on Monday Night Football and his series Peyton’s Places. Manning said Sunday that he likes the current schedule.

Manning stated, "Even if offered the opportunity, I haven’t decided if it would be worth it." I actually enjoy what I do now. I can stay close to the game. I am able to coach Marshall's flag football team. I also went to a doubleheader softball match to see my daughter Mosley play. I am just taking it one at a time, next year I don't know how I'll feel. But I will always be part of the Broncos. I'll tell you that."

After signing in free agency, Manning spent four seasons with Broncos (2012 to 2015). He won 45 regular-season games with them, won four AFC West titles and went to two Super Bowls. His last NFL game was Super Bowl 50. Manning was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2020.