Halloween Kills Rings In the Scary Holiday With a Music Video

Recent Halloween movies have focused on generational trauma and a brute who mowed his way through one town. It would be hard to imagine a rock song being a good fit for the franchise, even though Rob Zombie has had a pair of reboot films. Halloween Kills, however, is a different story.


Universal released a music video for Hunters Moon before the weekend began. This is the Ghost song that plays during Kills' end credits. Tobias Forge, the frontman of the band, explained that the song was created when Ryan Turek, the film's producer, approached the band about writing a Kills song. Hunters Moon was the first song he considered that would fit the bill.

Forge explained that it was easy for me to find a theme that would simplify the lyrics when I realized that Hunters Moon was going to be featured in a Halloween movie. The lyrics should be nostalgic and longing back, but also semi-romantic, with a hint of friendship, siblings, love, and a question mark. That is what I did.

If the mask-wearing young boy in the video is Michael Myers as we were led to believe then there's certainly some yearning for home, as shown in the film, even though it may be a bit murky. These movies have shown Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), as siblings and don't give any insight into his personality beyond the fact that he's freakishly durable.

It's still a great song and has some old school vibes. The music video is also pretty creepy. Hunters Moon will be available on vinyl starting January 21.

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Halloween Kills is currently available in theaters and online at Peacock.

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