Kal Penn Comes Out as Gay in Surprise Engagement Announcement

Kal Penn is out of the closet in surprising ways. He announced that he was gay in a book. This revealed that he is actually getting married.
Through excerpts leaked over the weekend, the actor announced the news via his forthcoming book, "You Can’t Be Serious." It is due out Tuesday. He is open about the fact that he has been in a relationship for 11 years with Josh.

They are also on the path to matrimony, and the couple is engaged. According to Kal, Josh met him while he was working in D.C. as an official employee of the Obama administration. They've been together ever since.

This is how he discusses his sexuality: "I've always been very open with everyone I've interacted with." It doesn't matter if it's Josh or Josh that I meet at the bar. He says, "I'm excited to share my relationship with readers." Josh, my partner and my parents, as well as my brother, are all quiet. These are the four closest people in my family. They aren't attracted to attention and avoid the spotlight.

He is receiving overwhelming support for sharing his truth, which has been kept a secret for many years.

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He shared a video in which he thanked people for their love. He also shouted out people to whom he had sent an early copy. The back cover featured their reactions.

Kal is a stoner bro in a lot raunchy comedies, including the 'Harold & Kumar’ franchise. Kal is also well-known for his roles in "Designated Survivor", "How I Met Your Mother," and "House", as well as "Van Wilder," Battle Creek, and many other roles.