Kal Penn comes out, publicly reveals 11-year relationship with fiancé Josh

Kal Penn, his 11-year-old partner, confirmed on Sunday that he was engaged to Josh.
In his forthcoming book, "You Can't Be Serious," the actor and former White House staffer during Barack Obama's administration first discussed their relationship. People interviewed him to confirm the news. He shared intimate details about their relationship, as well as how he balances his private and public lives.

He said that he has always been open with everyone he's interacted with and that he was happy to finally make public his relationship. It doesn't matter if Josh and Josh are friends or if we meet up at a bar. I am excited to share our relationship and experiences with readers.

Actor Josh, 44, added that Josh, my partner and my parents were his closest friends. They aren't attracted to attention and avoid the spotlight.

Kal Penn and a guest attended the Los Angeles Clippers v New York Knicks match at Madison Square Garden on March 24, 2019. (James Devaney/Getty Images)

Penn was unable to share his feelings with his family due to his privacy concerns. He had to find a balance in what he included and what he left out. His book will be released Tuesday, November 2. Penn stated that the most important thing was for his story to be authentic and from his point-of-view so that readers could get to know him.

In his book, the House star shares details about his first date with Josh. He brought an 18-pack of beer to Josh's apartment and turned on NASCAR. Penn initially thought it would not work. He explained, "I have one day off from The White House, and this dude unironically watches cars go around making left turns." It's been several months, and now we watch NASCAR every Sunday.

He continued, "What's the matter?" "I wanted the reader to be able to appreciate the humor and love in all these stories."

Penn shared with us that he was supported by his family and friends in his relationship with Josh. He explained that he shared everything with them first.

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It sounds silly, but this is true. Once you have told your parents in India and the South Asian community that acting is what you want to do for a living, then all conversations are easy. He said, "Yeah, okay." Everyone supported me. It's amazing. It's a wonderful thing to know that everyone has had different experiences.

Penn stated that he discovered his sexuality late in his life compared to other people. He added, "There's no timeline for this stuff." Different people figure out their s--- at different times, so I'm glad that I did when I did.

Penn started his acting career in 2002's National Lampoons Van Wilder and 2006's sequel "Van Wilder 2": The Rise of Taj. In 2009, he was offered the position of principal associate director at the Office of Public Engagement, which is now under the Obama administration.

After two years of being at the White House, he decided to leave to act again. He starred in "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas" (2011).