An Alabama ethics court unanimously agreed to remove from office a probate judge accused of making racist and sexist comments in the workplace

The Alabama State Capitol. Julie Bennett/Getty Images
On Friday, an Alabama probate judge was fired.

A court of judicial ethics ruled that Randy Jinks, a former Probate Judge, had violated the state's "Canons of Judicial Ethics."

Jinks was accused of making sexist and racist remarks to coworkers in a 78-page complaint.

After he was accused in Alabama of making racist or sexist comments at work, the Alabama judicial ethics court unanimously decided to remove a probate judge.

Randy Jinks (65) was elected in 2018 to a 6-year term of Talladega County probate judges. According to NBC News he doesn't have a legal background which is not required to become a probate judge for most counties in the state.

Alabama Court of the Judiciary stated Friday that Jinks had violated the state’s "Canons of Judicial Ethics". Jinks was accused of "failing" to uphold the integrity, independence and conduct of the judiciary.

Jinks was suspended in March from his position after the Judicial Inquiry Commission released a nearly 80-page document containing allegations against him. This commission reviews complaints against Alabama judges.

Jinks is accused of making racial comments at his office. None of these remarks were made in courtroom.

An employee recorded Jinks discussing a racist cartoon on the phone while he was referring to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.

He said, "Y'all have to quit burning shitdown," and the recording shows him saying, “You son of bitsches are going to require something to burn down after Trump is re-elected for another term, son of bitsches."

Another complaint against Jinks claims that he accused Darrius Pearson, the sole Black employee in his office, of selling drugs for money to buy the car.

"I saw that car. Pearson claims Jinks said to him that he was the judge and couldn't afford a Mercedes. What are you doing? Selling drugs?

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Although the judicial ethics court ruled that certain allegations against him were not violations, such as asking employees if they had participated in Black Lives Matter protests, other comments were considered "completely inappropriate."

"Although the complaint claims racially insensitive behaviour, this Court is of opinion that Judge Jinks’s conduct rose above racism," the court's ruling stated.

Jinks was also accused of showing his coworkers a video featuring topless women. He is also accused of making sexual comments at work, including an accusation that he likes the way a woman "burns her sausage."

Jinks was removed from office on 29 October. He was ordered by the court to pay all costs.

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