Your Spooky Doctor Who Premiere Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Here

It's been almost 11 months since The Doctor and his friends last appeared on our screens. But she is finally back! Things are starting to look a little different for Jodie Whittakers Doctor. Let us know your thoughts on a fittingly apocalyptic Halloween by letting us know!


Doctor Who: What's Flux?

Flux is the first episode of Doctor Who season 13 and airs Sunday, October 31, at 2:25 p.m. ET in the U.S., and 6:25 PM GMT in the UK. The Halloween Apocalypse marks a few firsts in the series. It is technically the closest Doctor Who has ever been to a literal Halloween special sci fi spook. But having a festive episode that is not scheduled around Christmas is a refreshing change. It is also the beginning of an experiment that modern Doctor Who has not explored before. This series, which consists of six episodes, will tell a related overarching story in six parts. Except for a few familiar faces, this time our main mystery is what the Flux is doing with all of space and time.

The Halloween Apocalypse is more than just a new season. It will also introduce the latest threat to Yaz and the 13th Doctor. John Bishops Dan, a poor Liverpudlian who was caught up in Doctors' latest adventure, joined us for the journey across time and space to stop Flux from destroying our universe. What did you think about our new friend? What do you think is going on with Flux? Is Doctor Who trying out new things as it enters the final days of Jodie Wiltaker's and Chris Chibnall's time on the show? We want to hear your thoughts on The Halloween Apocalypse. Stay tuned for tomorrow's full recap!

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