Myles Garrett has been haunting quarterbacks on the field for years and now he’s doing it in his spare time as well

Myles Garrett, a Cleveland Browns defensive end, is trying to inflict terror on the hearts of all quarterbacks with his Halloween costume. It's more of a Halloween theme than anything. In his yard, Garrett placed tombstones bearing the names of several of the quarterbacks he had sacked and wanted to sack.


Garrett completed the theme on Halloween morning when he arrived at FirstEnergy Stadium for the Browns game against the Steelers. Garrett arrived in a grim reaper costume complete with a sickle and Browns-colored skull mask. His cape also had a list of every quarterback he's ever sacked.

Garrett was terrifying enough just for being himself.

Former No. 1 pick, 6-foot-4 and 272-pound, was a former No. The former No. 1 pick is a 6-foot-4, 272-pounder who has been putting real NFL quarterbacks to the ground throughout the season. This season, he is leading the NFL in sacks with 9.5, which is a complete two-sack advantage over Harold Landry, Tennessee Titans outside linebacker. Garrett playing basketball is a great example of how scary it can be to look at the stats and watch him run down smaller players.

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Garrett may be the first NFL player to look smaller while wearing pads. Under shoulder pads, the bulging traps and shoulders of Garrett are not visible. This person is built to be agile enough to perform a reliable crossover dribble.


His Halloween decorations inspired another NFL quarterback to get in the holiday spirit. Bruce Smith, a Hall of Fame defensive player, created his own quarterback cemetery on his property. Smith, however, is the all-time leader with 200 sacks. He reminded everyone by placing a marker in his yard for each of his 19-season NFL careers. Garrett put his entire career list on the cape to prove that he had buried many quarterbacks under 25 years of age.

He probably has a lot of time to chase down fear-ridden quarterbacks like a Frankenstein with a Harley Davidson motor. Garrett might be forced to borrow his neighbor's yard to accommodate all the gravestones. He may also have to have someone carry the cape, much like the MET Gala gowns that cover almost the entire red carpet.