Elon Musk Deletes Sexist Tweets

"This is a disgrace."

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, tweeted Friday a suggestion for a university with a vulgar name.

Although it was crude, even by billionaires' often-childish standards of behavior, several of his tweets that followed seemed to have crossed the line for him and his handlers. He deleted them after an outcry. This rare reverse for Musk, who is known for his decorum-shredding style.

No Limits

One of the most disturbing aspects of the deleted tweets was that Musk's new university would award degrees based on women's physical characteristics.

It is a shame, according to one reply.



Musk's original joke also disturbed others.

Zo Ayres, scientist and activist, said that she was trying to find the reason why it makes her skin crawl. It could be because it is by one of most powerful men in the entire world. It could be because of the high rate of sexual harassment in academia. Maybe it's because it doesn't bother me if it does, I will just laugh at it. "

What happened?

Musk-world is a mystery. Musk could have thought differently about his tweets after reading the backlash online.

It is possible, however, that Tesla, SpaceX, or other handlers intervened to tell him that he was putting at risk those business interests by excluding women.



Musk appears to have recognized, at some level, that his efforts had gone too far.

It used to be that you only had 140 characters for digging your own grave. He wrote another, now-deleted, tweet.

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