How to Put a Vaccine Card on Your Phone

You are now vaccinated. You just need to prove it.
Employers, venues, and businesses are increasingly mandating vaccines against Covid-19. To get into the venue, you will need to show proof of vaccination. In the US, those slightly-too-big-for-your-wallet paper cards are the main official record that someone has been vaccinated. These cards can be cumbersome to carry and easy to lose. There are many ways to digitize them. Usually.

The US, unlike the European Union, offers digital vaccination certificates that are available to all citizens. Here's how you do it.

Safety First

You should be aware of the possibility of having your personal data stolen online, as with all information. Apple announced in June that it was working on features to allow users to store their drivers' licenses and state IDs within Apple Wallet. Security experts expressed concern about the move, pointing out that hackers and overzealous police officers could access the files. Sometimes, Apple Pay or Google might be a good option. Apple Pay and contactless payment services such as Apple Pay were hacked. It is possible that the same could happen with your vaccine card.

Get Official

First, you will need a digital record of all your vaccination information. This information can be obtained from your doctor, government websites, or the location where your shot was given.

It depends on where you live, it might be difficult to get records from the government. SMART Health cards are available in some states to allow you access to digital records. This is currently the case in California and Louisiana, Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia, and parts of Maryland. They are also available in some parts of Canada. These cards are available in all areas of Canada.

Others states might not have the same problems. Some governors have banned digital Covid records outright in the name medical freedom. PC Mag offers a handy listing of digital vaccine options, organized by state.

You might also be able access information if you were vaccinated by your regular health care provider. It is possible that your vax card can be digitalized by the company depending on where it was given. Digital vaccine records can be generated with Walmart, Rite Aid, Express Scripts, Sams Club and Rite Aid. You will need to have an account and log in to all of them.

Your virtual vaccine card is now available on your smartphone. You can simply leave it on your phone and access it whenever you need it. You can also add your virtual vaccine card to your phone's wireless payment app for instant access. Here's how it works:

Apple Health/Wallet

Photograph by Apple

iOS 15, Apple's latest mobile operating system, was launched in September. It includes a variety of new features. The Health app allows you to share and save your medical records including Covid status with other health care providers. Apple Wallet allows you to save your card so you are ready for when the bouncer at the local tiki bar begins glaring at.