Mac-shaped pillow makers are back so you can cover your couch in computers

Throwboy has launched a Kickstarter campaign for pillows that look like classic Macs. This is in addition to its 2018 Apple-inspired plushes. The Iconic Pillow Collection 2 is the name of this collection. It features pillows shaped as soft versions of Apples Lisa and iBook and the cheese grater or cube flavors of Power Mac. It may be worth looking into for Apple history enthusiasts who are interested in sprucing up their bedrooms or living spaces.
Throwboy didn't mention computer names in its original collection, which featured pillows shaped like the Finder icon and original Macintosh. It also did not mention them this time. The pillow with the Lisa shape is the 1983. The iMac G4-esque version is the 2002. The company claims that it chose these computers to make fence designs that people still love.

There are many stunning designs in this Kickstarter. I'm pretty certain I've never seen a laptop-shaped pillow similar to the 1999. I also doubt I've ever seen an iMac G4 shaped pillow. These pillows are hard to beat as conversation starters. It is not clear how comfortable they will be on a couch or in a pillow fight.

One note about crowdfunding: Crowdfunding can be chaotic by its very nature. Companies looking to raise money tend to make big claims. A Kickstarter study in 2015 found that nearly one in 10 products that achieve their funding goals do not deliver the promised rewards. Even those that deliver, there are often disappointments for those who do. This is due to missed deadlines, delays and overpromised ideas. Your best defense is to use your judgment. Do you think the product is legitimate? Are the claims made by the company exaggerated? Does the prototype work? Is the company able to provide details about its plans for manufacturing and shipping finished products? Is it a previous Kickstarter participant? Remember, you are not buying the product if you back it through a crowdfunding site.

This is not even mentioning the ports. While Apple adds HDMI and MagSafe backs to its actual laptops, Throwboy has added port-shaped stitching for Apple-shaped pillows. I could go on about how happy I am with this, but I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Throwboys Kickstarter campaign to fund the original Iconic collection seems to have been a success (the comments are mostly filled with people who received and were happy with their pillows; you can purchase them on Throwboys website). However, it is always advisable to exercise caution when crowdfunding. Even successful creators can have projects that are late, fail to meet expectations, or get cancelled.

If you're willing to take that risk (and it appears so for many people; the project reached its $10,000 goal in its first days), there are some very fun pillow designs for those looking for Apple-themed decor for their homes.