Lego adds 'Luigi's Mansion' sets to its Super Mario World collection

The toymaker has decided to show Luigi more respect now that he is part of Lego Super Mario. Lego has released three Luigi's Mansion expansion packs that will give the star of Luigi more to do in a game made with him in mind.
The $30 Lab-and-Poltergust set will help you get started with Luigi’s ghost vacuum. A $40 Entryway set will introduce you to the mansion as well as Polterpup, the Boo ghosts and the mansion itself. The $80 Haunt and Seek kit will allow you to create a complete level with hidden treasures and rotating corridors. You can mix the sets with other Lego Super Mario pack or combine them.

It's not the right timing. The Luigi's Mansion sets will not be available for purchase until January 1, 2022. Lego might announce the Luigi's Mansion sets this Halloween. This is a missed opportunity. However, it's possible that your children or you enjoy the Super Mario collections and would like more. This will bring back fond memories for those who have ever collected ghosts in Luigi’s games.