Here are 5 leading market experts' views on inflation as prices continue to rise

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Five market experts weigh in on the direction of prices.

Paul Tudor Jones, Carl Icahn Jeff Gundlach Stanley Druckenmiller Alan Greenspan

Jones previously stated that inflation is the "single greatest threat" to society.

What do a tank of gas, a week's worth of groceries, your new home, a used car, and a back-to-school-outfit have in common?

They are all more expensive this year.

The highest prices consumers have seen in about a decade are likely to continue through the middle of next. Market experts are beginning to raise alarms about this trend.

As inflation continues to rise, here are the opinions of five of them.

Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones, a billionaire investor, believes that inflation is the biggest problem facing society.

It's the biggest threat to financial markets and society in general. Jones spoke to CNBC on Oct. 20, 2012.

Tudor Investment Corporation's founder and chief investment officer, Jones, stated that it was clear that inflationary pressures don't seem "transitory" given the fact that the economy has experienced unprecedented levels of fiscal stimulus and monetary stimulation.

He stated that equities are better investments than fixed income assets such as bonds in an "inflationary environment."

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn, a legendary billionaire investor, suggests that investors look into bitcoin to hedge inflation. He said that if inflation becomes rampant, I suppose it has value."

Icahn stated that inflation is growing - but in a negative way.

"The market will definitely hit the wall. "I really believe there will be crisis because of the way that we're going. The way we're printing money. The way we're inflating inflation." he stated to CNBC in October.

Jeff Gundlach

Jeff Gundlach says inflation boils down to rent and wages.

CNBC's Oct. 22 interview with DoubleLine CEO and billionaire bond king, said that these two factors "wait in the wings" to keep things elevated. According to Gundlach, wages for lower-salary jobs have risen "sky high", and that this trend will likely drive up wages for supervisors. Gundlach stated that the median rent in the past six months has increased by more than 10%.

He stated that "we're going to have persistently high inflation due to the shelter component" and added that inflation is likely stay above 4% until at least 2022.

Stanley Druckenmiller

Bloomberg reported that Druckenmiller believes inflation will rise to 4% within the next four years. The Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates until then to counter it.

A year ago, the billionaire investor and founder Duquesne Family Office claimed that inflation could rise to 10% if markets were in "raging madness". He told CNBC that the party would end in a "hangover" shortly after it began.

Alan Greenspan

Greenspan, who was the former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, stated that "unprecedented amounts" of government spending and "burgeoning federal default" could lead to higher inflation over a longer time.

Greenspan is also a senior economic advisor to Advisors Capital Management. He raised concerns about demand-side inflation, which involves "too much money chasing too many goods and services" and supply-side inflation, where there are frequent shortages of energy, transport, and raw materials.