Dallas Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb fined 5 times by NFL in first 6 games this season, sources say

The NFL has fined CeeDee Lamb, Cowboys wide receiver, five times in total from Dallas' first six games of the season, for $46,865, league sources said to ESPN. This includes $10,300 for his wave during the Patriots win earlier this month.
Lamb was twice fined twice for his jersey being untucked. He was first fined $5,150 on Sept. 27 against the Eagles, then $15,450 on Oct. 3 against the Panthers. Lamb will be fined $46,350 for his next offense of having his jersey untucked.

Lamb was also fined $5,150 because his socks failed to cover his lower leg against the Buccaneers in Dallas' regular season opener, as well as $10,815 for illegally cracking back against the Panthers.

CeeDee lamb Fines in 2021 Season Cowboys. In just six games this season, WR CeeDee lamb was already fined five times by NFL. Offense Date Amount Socks too low Sept. 9 $5,150 Untucked jersey Sept. 27 $5,150 Untucked jersey Oct. 3 $15,450 Crack-back block Oct. 3 $10,815 Taunting (wave) Oct. 17 $10,300

Lamb's salary base this season is $1.247 Million. This means that he has already been fined 3.75% of the total salary six games into the season -- which his teammates and I have noticed.

Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper said this weekend to 105.3 The Fan that he had never seen a young player get so severely punished. It's confusing for me. It's confusing to me. Are you a fan of getting paid?

Lamb, 22, has 33 receptions and 497 yards. This is a team record. Lamb also scored four touchdowns in six games. His average of 82.8 receiving yards per match is the 10th highest in the NFL this year.