A Delta passenger was arrested after allegedly punching the person behind him over a seating dispute, Atlanta police say

According to NBC News, a Delta Airlines pilot was arrested for allegedly punching another passenger.
Atlanta police stated that the dispute started after one of the passengers placed an item in his seat pocket.

In recent months, airlines reported numerous similar disruptive incidents on airplanes.

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A Delta passenger was arrested after allegedly punching another before take-off.

NBC News reported the incident on Friday, when a flight headed to Los Angeles from Atlanta was disrupted.

The incident began when Curtis Maurice Clayton, the suspect, became involved in a heated argument with a passenger sitting behind him.

Atlanta police say Clayton started to fight with German Montez, a fellow traveler who had put an item in his seat pocket.

According to police, Clayton protested and the situation escalated until he punched Montez. According to police, Clayton was then held down by a passenger.

The outlet recorded the fight between the men in an aisle, while others tried to restrain them. A passenger in the video said, "Seriously?" According to the report, I had already missed one flight.

Insider reached out to Atlanta Police Department and Delta Airlines for clarification.

The flight took off after a delay of 31 minutes.

Police told NBC News that Clayton had been "uncooperative" and damaged a vehicle used in the investigation.

He was then charged with battery, interference with government property and criminal mischief.

This incident is the latest in a string of disruptive passenger behavior on planes. A Delta Airlines passenger was recently charged with two federal felonies after he was accused of punching an attendant twice in the face.

After threatening to fracture another passenger's neck, a United Airlines passenger wearing a mask was kicked off the plane this month.