Hundreds of American Airlines flights have been canceled or delayed this weekend because of bad weather and staff shortages

Nearly one in five American Airlines flights was cancelled on Saturday.
According to the company, bad weather and shortages of staff were to blame.

David Seymour, Chief Operating Officer, stated that operations should be more stable starting next month.

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American Airlines cancelled or delayed hundreds of flights due to bad weather and staff shortages this Halloween weekend.

The airline has canceled nearly 1,000 flights so far this weekend.

FlightAware, an aviation tracking software, revealed that 541 flights, or 20% of the airline's flights had been canceled by Saturday at 11:59 p.m. Another 401 flights were also delayed.

FlightAware reported that 342 American flights had been canceled, while 737 flights were delayed.

American released a statement to Insider stating that it shared with staff a letter from Chief Operating Officer David Seymour. It stated that high winds on Thursday reduced capacity at Dallas-Fort Worth's largest hub. Crew members were therefore unable to fly their usual flight sequences. This means they are not in the best position to catch their next flight.

FlightAware also displays preemptive cancellations on 479 Sunday flights.

Seymour stated that in order to ensure we take care of our customers, and provide scheduling certainty for our crews we have modified our operation for the past few days by proactive cancelling some flights.

Seymour stated that most of the customers affected were rebooked on the same day, and he anticipates that flight schedules will be more stable beginning next month.

He said that approximately 1,800 flight attendants will return to work on November 1, and even more will return by December 1. In addition, there are more than 600 new hires. American will also be hiring more airport crew and pilots to assist with the holiday season.