Twitter lets you record Spaces, basically turning them into podcasts

Twitter continues to try to offer users more than just post and like tweets.
This is the latest step in that journey. You can now keep Twitter Spaces around after they are over. Spaces is a live audio feature on Twitter that was launched late last year.

Twitter now allows hosts to record live audio chats and share shareable links. This gives users the opportunity to tune in to hear the great contributions made to society. The recording is currently only available to some iOS and Android users, but it will be made available to many more people over the coming weeks.

The host must opt in to recording the Twitter Space they start. Everybody who attends as speakers or listeners will see an alert on screen indicating that the Space is being recorded. This will ensure that no one will be surprised if they have to listen to their incoherent audio chatter later. Twitter can keep a copy of the recorded Space for 120 days if there are rule violations. However, a host may remove the recording from public view at any time.

This is basically the same thing as making a podcast, but only on Twitter. It's difficult to connect a professional microphone to a smartphone. You can't create Spaces on your phone right now, so most recorded Spaces will sound significantly worse than podcasts. However, creators may be able to charge money for them.

While Spaces are not the most disruptive innovation on Twitter, they are still a great addition to the platform. They are inoffensively placed at the top of the timeline when they are live and are easy to overlook. It's not hard to see why Twitter is so focused on a feature that was primarily a reaction to Clubhouse at the time it launched and hasn’t really become a mainstay of the Twitter experience.

You don't have to rely on Twitter's mobile infrastructure if you want a podcast. Perhaps you can just buy a good mic and go the traditional route. You will be a blessing to your listeners.