iFixit teardown confirms the $19 Apple cleaning cloth is a repairability disgrace

Tech professionals take iFixit’s repairability analysis very seriously. We pay attention to the lowest possible repair score for a new Apple product.
This is exactly what happened to Apple's famous polishing cloth. It costs $19 and you use it to clean your Apple devices. Then, you place it back in a display case with invisible lasers to protect against big-money thieves. As part of their larger review of the new MacBook Pro, the fine folks at iFixit did a thorough teardown of this cloth.

As real as a partial teardown of fabric can be, it's still very real. It's actually two pieces that you can tear apart. This might increase the product’s value, as it doubles the amount of cloth that you can use. However, it also exposes its greatest problem: You cannot put them back together. iFixit awarded it a shocking repair score of zero.


This is clearly a huge gaffe and should not be taken as a criticism of Apple's business practices. We want to thank iFixit, for taking the time to tear down a product. It's clear that $19 is a lot to spend on this cloth. It's likely that you will have difficulty getting it.