A Minnesota surgeon was fired after he told a local school board only parents should make decisions on whether or not their kids wear masks

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A Minnesota surgeon advised a school board that parents decide whether their children should wear masks.

It's still their responsibility. Dr. Jeffrey Horak stated that it was not their responsibility and opposed a mandate for a mask.

Horak claimed that he was fired nine days later from his job without any explanation.

According to KOMO News, a Minnesota surgeon was fired following he said that parents should decide whether their children wear masks at school boards meetings.

Dr. Jeffrey Horak, a Minnesota resident, spoke out against the district’s mask mandate at a meeting held in Fergus Falls on October 11.

"Who is God putting in charge of these children?" According to KOMO News, Horak stated that their parents were present at the meeting. "God gave each of these children to their parents, and they speak for them. They might be wrong, they could be stupid, or they may make the right decisions. It's still their responsibility. It's not yours; God gave it to you. Honor their wishes, from either side.

Horak stated that nine days after making those comments, Lake Region Healthcare told him that his views were no longer compatible with theirs. They asked him to resign or be fired.

Horak stated that he was not given a reason and wasn't aware of any complaints or issues about him.

He said, "We live in America where freedoms and rights are protected. I believe that individuals should be able to research their options and make the best decisions for their own health. I do not believe that governments or institutions should dictate this. This is a position that I have always taken. It's difficult for me to follow the science when it doesn't make sense."

Lake Region Healthcare stated in a statement to Insider that they didn't make the decision not to terminate Dr. Horak.

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"Lake Region Healthcare does not employ Dr. Horak." According to Insider, Dr. Horak is part Lake Region Medical Group which is a partnership of providers Lake Region Healthcare contracts with." A spokesperson for Lake Region Healthcare said that Dr. Horak was part of Lake Region Healthcare.

President of Lake Region Medical Group Board, Dr. Greg Smith, stated to Insider that nine of Horaks partners had decided to end their contract. However, he said that they were still reviewing the matter and the reasons for the separation were confidential.

The statement stated that Dr. Horak's peers, who are members of the Medical Group Board, made the decision. It was not Lake Region Healthcare, which is the community-based hospital in which Dr. Horak practiced General Surgery, but Dr. Horak.

Insider did not reach Horak for comment at the time this article was published.

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