[Update] $100 worth of Bitcoin from Voyager & Dallas Mavericks

A quick update to let you know that Voyager has been discontinued for New York State residents. Some readers have already received their $100 worth of free Bitcoin. This explains why I am still on the waitlist. It seems that there is one upgrade that won't clear.
Numerous news outlets have reported that Voyager, in partnership with the Dallas Mavericks is offering $100 in free Bitcoin to anyone who downloads the app. You must also deposit $100 and trade at least $10. Voyager sent me an email today confirming that they will honor the $100 offer as long as everyone is on the waitlist by the deadline. This seems like a very easy new account bonus. I signed up for $200 in two player mode.

The Deal

Voyager, a cryptocurrency trading app, is offering $100 in Bitcoin bonus when you download the Voyager App, create an account with the reward code MAVS100, deposit $100, make your first trade of at least $10, and then close the Voyager app.

You will receive a bonus when you download the Voyager App, create an Account using the reward code, deposit $100, make a trade of minimum $10, and then link directly to the promotion. (But note that you'll need to install the Voyager App in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to create an Account.

Key Terms

You must create an account before 10/30/21 11:59 Central Time. (I wouldn't count on this promo running that long, and I wouldn't be surprised if the promotion is pulled early).

Use reward code MAVS100

You must deposit $100 to make your first trade at least $10

Allow up to 10 business days for the reward payment to reach your account

For full terms, please refer to the promotion page

Quick Thoughts

This is the deal: Download the Voyager App and register for an account with Reward Code MAVS100. The first step to creating an account was, according to me, verifying your phone number and email. It was probably the second screen where you entered your name. There was a Reward Code area where you needed to enter MAVS100. You should not forget to enter the code, as they won't honor the offer if you don't.

After entering my address, I was sent a notification saying, Due to high demand, you are currently on a waiting list to open your account. We will soon contact you to activate your account. I declined to post the deal as I wasn't sure they would pay the waitlist.

Voyager replied to the email however, just a few hours later:

Hello, welcome to Voyager. We saw that you used code MAVS100 to create your account. We have created a waiting list to handle the increased number of users. You can rest assured that your $100 CRYPTO REWARD will not expire after you have created your account, funded your account with $100, made your first trade and completed your account registration. We are glad you joined us and will keep you posted on any further developments. Team Voyager

It's wonderful news that they plan to honor the offer, provided you are on the waiting list during the offer period. If you are interested, I would not recommend that you wait. It could happen sooner than I expected.

Although there is some risk, Mark Cuban and Dallas Mavericks seem to have tied themselves up with Voyager. I believe the platform will not collapse soon. Deposit $100 to make at least one trade of $10. There is no requirement to invest in any specific cryptocurrency. So you could purchase $10 worth USDC (a stablecoin that is pegged to the US Dollar and should retain its value).

Account bonuses less than $150 are usually avoided unless it is very easy and I can at minimum double up in 2-player mode. This account bonus is super simple and only requires a $100 deposit and a $10 trade. It should give me and my wife approximately two hundred dollars more in the next ten working days. (Bitcoin is volatile so $100 could be worth much less or more than $100 very quickly). There is no restriction on selling Bitcoins as soon as they are received. However, I will likely let them ride as Bitcoin. As of this writing, Bitcoin has increased more than 360% in the last year. It's hard to imagine that this pace of growth will continue in the next year. But Ill keep my fingers crossed and play with the houses money.