An Orchestra of Devices Plays 'Ghostbusters' Song for Halloween

You are in for a treat this Halloween if you have never heard of a steam ironyes.


A steam ironjoined with several googly eyed bandmates, including credit card readers and typewriters. On Saturday, a performance of Ghostbusters by YouTuber Device Orchestra featured a googly-eyed Steam Ironjoint.

This cover was a wonderful reminder that there are still great and wonderful things in this world, despite all the seemingly endless disasters. One electric toothbrush even dressed up as Halloween ghost! Inanimate electronic devices can be cute. However, pipe cleaner arms and googly eyes are guaranteed to make any person's heart twitch.

Device Orchestra is responsible for the cover. His name is quite self-explanatory. He covers popular songs with electronic sounds. Although we see the video and hear the song, there are many electronics under the hood. He refers to microcontrollers and circuit boards as well as wires and power supplies.

Device Orchestra performed a cover of Blue (Da Ba Dee), complete with homemade club lightsa light under a bowland an electronic toothbrush with blue googly eye. Star Wars Imperial March with toasters was another notable cover. Unfortunately, Device Orchestra didn't have working toasters so they were unable to make toast.

His Patreon says that Device Orchestra would love live shows, but that he needs more money to get there. You can still help him purchase the equipment he needs to make his videos. This is quite a bit of stuff all plugged in simultaneously.