A Chinese millionaire said he withdrew $780,000 and made bank staff count the notes by hand after security guards were rude to him

According to reports, the Chinese millionaire claimed that his staff had to count his money in case it was "lost," as per reports. Getty Images
Chinese man claims he took his savings out of a Shanghai bank following a dispute with security guards.

He claimed that he had drawn about 5M Renminbi ($783K in banknotes) and asked staff for help counting the notes.

He said that it took two hours for a few bank managers to count his first withdrawal.

After a dispute with security guards, a millionaire Chinese said that he had withdrew his savings. He then ordered staff members at a Shanghai bank in Shanghai to count his money by hand.

On October 16, the man, who is only known as "Sunwear", wrote on Weibo that he had taken out about five million Renminbi ($783,000), in banknotes from Bank of Shanghai after he received the "worst customer care." He said that security guards displayed a "terrible attitude".

Sunwear stated that he had taken out all the money he was allowed to withdraw in one day and that he planned to use the remainder of his "tens to millions" to transfer to other banks. It is unclear if he has returned to withdraw any of the remaining money.

He also stated that he had asked the bank to count his money by hand in case it was not enough. He said that it took two hours for a few bank employees to count his money.

According to the bank, the large withdrawal was caused by a dispute between Sunwear and the security guard regarding COVID-19 protocols. The Bank of Shanghai shared a statement with The Paper that Sunwear was not wearing a mask at the time he approached the branch. According to the statement, a security guard ordered Sunwear to wear a mask when he approached the branch.

Sunwear later posted on Weibo that he forgot his mask and asked for a replacement or a place to buy one. Sunwear insisted that he did not refuse to wear a mask, and complied with COVID-19 regulations.

Social media has gone viral with images of Sunwear carrying huge sums of money and carrying suitcases full of his savings.

LadBible shared images of Sunwear's large withdrawals and reported that Sunwear has grown his online following by around 1.8 Million people.

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