Cade Cunningham to make Detroit Pistons debut vs. Orlando Magic on Saturday

DETROIT (Mich.) -- It's over.
The No. 1 pick of the Detroit Pistons basketball team is officially in place. Coach Dwane Casey announced that No. 1 pick Cade Cunningham will make a debut against the Orlando Magic on Saturday. ET tipoff.

Cunningham was injured during training camp and missed the preseason as well as the first four regular season games. Cunningham completed team drills Friday before being allowed to play. However, he will have a time restriction of between 20-25 minutes.

Casey stated that Casey told him yesterday that he has been playing since he is 4. Have fun, compete, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Next-play mentality is the best. We all here in this room understand that he feels pressure and should not feel it. He should have fun, compete, and let the rest take care of themselves while he gets rid of all the rust.

His 40th birthday marks the anniversary of Isiah Thomas's Pistons debut.

Casey stressed that Cunningham should not feel under any pressure to save Friday's practice.

He said, "We are not 0-4 due to Cade Cunningham." "It's not 0-4 because Cade Cunningham is there, and we have to do better and last longer in this situation against really great teams.

Detroit wants to avoid its first 0-5 starting since 2012-13.