Poll: What was your favorite announcement from Meta (Facebook) Connect?

Facebook has a new name, in case you didn't know. To emphasize its commitment to building the metaverse, the company now goes by the name "Meta". (The company's name will still be the same). Before Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, announced the name change, Mark walked us through several updates on the company's AR/VR efforts, particularly in relation to Oculus Quest 2, and future products.
Which were your favourite announcements from Connect, and why?

Although Connect was the main focus of Thursday's Connect keynote, there were many announcements geared towards Meta's VR efforts with Oculus. VR enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the company has made several functional updates to its platform, including 2D apps such as Dropbox, Slack and Instagram.

The new cloud save system automatically backs up all your game data, so you don't have to worry about losing any data when uninstalling a game. If you choose to reinstall the game, you can always go back where you were.

Users will also be able delete their Facebook accounts without losing their entire library of content or games. This is currently a limitation on one of the most advanced VR headsets, but it will soon be removed by Quest.

All of this is a precursor for Meta's vision to make the metaverse a platform that is accessible to everyone.

Facebook has revealed Horizon Home, the first version of its home base, as a metaverse. This follows the launch and expansion of Horizon Workroom. Horizon Home allows you to invite others into your space, and hold virtual gatherings.