Cabin Crew Were ‘Overwhelmed’ as Passengers Collapsed One After the Other in Mysterious Circumstances

A cabin crew of a charter flight from Cologne in Germany to Rhodes, Greece was overwhelmed by the number of passengers who mysteriously fell unconscious. They requested that the plane make an emergency divert after they were overwhelmed.
According to Aviation Herald reports, the incident occurred on October 1, but it has just been discovered. It took place on a Boeing 737NG almost 14 years old, operated by Correndon Airlines, a Maltese charter carrier.

Although the flight was normal, passengers began to experience symptoms. According to aviation accident publication, a female passenger tried to use the lavatory at rear of the aircraft shortly after takeoff. However, she fell unconscious moments later and was unable to move.

Witnesses report that the woman appeared completely pale and unconscious as she emerged from the lavatory.

The cabin crew responded immediately and gave the woman medical attention. However, while they were busy with the first patient and the second passenger, a second passenger sat near the back of plane began to look pale. He then collapsed and was also reported to have fallen unconscious.

A doctor and a nurse were on board the flight as passengers. They offered their help to the patients, but another passenger fell into the aisle.

Witnesses claim that five patients fell in rapid succession, but the airline refutes this assertion and states that only four passengers were sick during flight XR-1050.

The doctor asked for a defibrillator at one point. However, the airline did not have one. The passengers began to recover quickly and, despite the request of the cabin crew to divert the flight, the flight continued on to Rhodes.

An airline disputed the theory that passengers felt unwell due to an issue in the cabin air conditioner system. A passenger reported that there was an unpleasant odour in the cabin just before departure.

Corendon spokesperson told Aviation Herald that there was no unusual parameter that could cause this occurrence.

Only 4 passengers reported feeling unwell. Cabin Crew took immediate action for the 4 passengers who felt unwell in accordance with Cabin First Aid Procedure during flight. A statement from the airline was also provided.

The aircraft was accompanied by a doctor and nurse who made prompt medical interventions to passengers who felt unwell. However, they were unable to find any severe symptoms. The doctor didn't recommend that the crew divert, and he didn't use the aircraft medical kit that was available to him during his assistance.