The Five Best Netflix Horror Movies For Halloween Consumption (2021 Edition)

Till Death Netflix
This is the only weekend in a year that you are legally required to see at least one horror film. Instead of renting one, why not check out what's free on Netflix? Netflix doesn't have the greatest selection of horror movies, but it does have some classics that will keep you entertained for the weekend.

Netflix: The Conjuring

1. The Conjuring is one of the most iconic horror films from the new era. It was the film that started a whole cinematic horror genre. It's still considered the best, even though there have been two sequels and half a dozen doll- or nun-based spinoffs. Netflix also offers The Conjuring 2, a sequel, which is solid.

Sinister Netflix

2. Sinister: I love this movie so much that Netflix finally got it. It is one the most disturbing mainstream horror films that I have ever seen. Even if the sequels don't do it justice the original is well worth the effort. Several scenes are still with me today, even though I am writing this.

The Strangers Netflix

3. The Strangers The Strangers was released in 2008. It is an old film, but it is still a classic of the genre. The simple plot where masked killers follow a couple for no apparent reason makes it a timeless classic. Although it was followed up with lesser sequels, the original is still a classic.

Netflix Gerald's Game

4. Because they share almost identical stories, Till Death/Geralds Game is what I'm grouping together. Dead men and women are trying to escape from the mess their corpses have left. Megan Fox and Carla Gugino both do a great job in these roles. Geralds Game is a genius work of Mike Flanagan who directed it before his Haunting series on Netflix and Midnight Mass. You will have to search the horror section for Till Death.

Netflix: The Ritual

5. The Ritual Netflix has produced a lot of original horror movies, but I only have a few favorites. This movie has been the closest to the original Blair Witch magic and it's one that I have cherished since watching it. It is a classic in the spookiness of the woods category.

Fear Street Netflix

Bonus: Fear Street Trilogy. I don't know how to categorize Fear Street, Netflix's trio of horror movies that don't feel like movies but are instead a really, really long miniseries. They are worth your time, but they don't work well on their own.

Here are some more bonuses that I would recommend:


The Babysitter (not Part 2)

Hell Fest


That should get you going. Enjoy!

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