Roblox has been down for more than a day and it’s not because of Chipotle

Roblox was down for over a day. The game and its associated website were offline for millions of users. The popular game-creating platform was down for more than 30 hours on October 28th at 7PM ET. Roblox stated that they were working hard to bring things back to normal and that the root cause was an internal system problem.
Roblox's downtime is not yet known, but players speculate that the problem could be due to a Chipotle promotion. As part of the Halloween event, Chipotle will give away $1 million worth burritos to Roblox players. This experience was live at 6:30PM ET on October 28, just before widespread Roblox outage.

We are still making progress with today's outage. We will keep you informed. We apologize again for the delay.

This outage is not connected to any particular experiences or partnerships. Roblox (@Roblox), October 29, 2021

Roblox quickly claimed that it was not connected to the Chipotle promotion. According to the official Roblox Twitter account, we know that the outage was not connected with any particular experiences or partnerships on Roblox.

Roblox has had a long outage. Users are still waiting to find out when it will be back online and why it was offline so long. Roblox's main site is currently in maintenance mode. The status page has not been updated for hours.

Roblox is very well-liked, especially among children. More than half of Roblox users are younger than 13. It is used by more than 40 million people daily. This popularity grew during the pandemic. The game-creating app, platform, game, or any other name you choose, has attracted millions of people to it to play games, attend gigs and even participate in awards shows.