The Venture Bros. Movie Gets an Exciting Update

After a strong seven-season run, adult swim cancelled The Venture Bros. The reaction was quite strong. The network had previously announced a TV movie on Blu-Ray and HBO Max. Now, there's a substantial update that is exciting, despite the fact that it doesn't say much.


Yesterday Jackson Publick, aka Christopher McCulloch who voices Hank Venture, the Monarch, and other characters, tweeted the first page in a Venture Bros. script. Publick called the long-form special and credited Doc Hammer as a co-creator.

There isn't much else to report, but Venture fans are eager to receive an update. There have been many seasons with long gaps between seasons. The series has not had much to update fans until they are complete or nearly done. Between seasons 4 and 5, (2010-2013), and 5 and 6, (2013-2016), has been the longest gap. It wasn't terrible, though. There were animated specials that appeared in the gaps.

Whatever the case, the animated special will wrap up the story in a nice bow for the characters. The last time we saw them Hank had left his family and Dean started to look for him. Their dad Rusty discovered that he was also a brother to his nemesis, the Monarch. As both Venture brothers attempt to find answers, the movie will continue. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman will appear and disrupt everyone's already chaotic lives.

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The show's closest to a film in the past was the 2015 special All This and Gargantua-2. This gave the series a soft reboot and allowed the family to relocate to New York for the sixth season. The show should have as much anarchic and bloody fun with a feature-length film as it did in the three to four year period.

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