Save on spooky games to play during Halloween and more

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This weekend is Halloween, but you probably knew it already since Halloween decorations were up in your area for at least the past month. The deals below haven't been around for as long and will likely disappear much faster than the decorations. We have some special deals on frightening video games to match the festive mood. Steam's Halloween sale closes Monday, November 1, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. You'll also find deals on tech gadgets in the gaming section.

Gaming deals

Deathloop is not a frightening game, but it can get quite intense when you're down to your last sliver health and surrounded with enemies. We are highlighting it because it is currently at its lowest price on all platforms. The digital and physical versions of Deathloop are $40 each (normally $60) if you're on PS5. This price makes it easier for those who have been reluctant to buy the game. You can also purchase it on Steam for $40.

Arkane Studios' latest game is here, and the fast-paced action feels very Dishonored-like. Although some powers you will eventually gain are similar, the gameplay is quite different. Andrew Webster's complete review of the game is available.

Deathloop (PS5, disc edition) $40


Arkane Studios' latest first-person shooter is now 34% off Deathloop is run-based and you play as a Colt. This Colt is keen to break the game's looping cycle. There are many forces that will stop you from doing that, as you'll find out as you play. Amazon: $40

Best Buy: $40

Capcoms Resident Evil 2 remake is a brilliant reimagining. It's also one of the most polished Capcom games. This horror game, even if you haven't played the original on PS1, is worth the $16 price tag on PS4 or PS5. The price is the same for Xbox consoles as it is on Steam.

The $10 choose-your own-path slasher game Until Dawn costs just $10 and is a fun, scary, and funny experience. These are only available for PlayStation 4/5 owners. If you subscribe, it is also included in PS Now on consoles and Windows PC. A group of teens (starring Rami Malek, Hayden Pnettiere) are trapped in a haunted house and act recklessly with a murderer. The game is a lot of fun and well worth the $10.

Outer Wilds is another Halloween-themed game. It's also a title that has some creepy vibes, even though it's not categorized as a horror title. However, there are no jump scares. The game instead has moments that will make you feel like you're in The Twilight Zone. It normally costs $25 but is $15 on Steam for PC. While you're at it, get the excellent Echoes of the Eye expansion instead of $15 for $12. It is currently available for Xbox consoles and PlayStation consoles.

Inside is a horror-scrolling side-scrolling game by the makers of Limbo. Unfortunately, it is still in my backlog. But, maybe Ill get to play it this weekend. This game earned me a place in this roundup as I heard it delivers on existential terror. That is exactly what I find myself lacking on these days. It costs just $5 on Steam and the PlayStation Store.

You should play Soma from Amnesia if you like sci-fi horror. This pedigree should be enough to give you an idea about what you can expect here: stunning environmental storytelling, haunting sound design, and a compelling story about the future and AI. The price is just $4.50 on PlayStation consoles or PC via Steam. This is my favorite of all the games on the list. It's the best value for money.

Hunt: Showdown is an online multiplayer first-person game that combines PvE with PvP elements. You will need to pay close attention to this beautiful title, which has great sound design. This game can be enjoyed with friends, once you have completed the steep learning curve. Crytek keeps the game updated, particularly on PC. However, the console versions of the game seem well-designed (though it doesn't allow cross-platform play). The game costs $20 on Steam, $16 on PlayStation consoles and $16.49 on Xbox consoles.

Tech deals

We're going to make a sharp left turn in order to highlight some amazing tech deals. Bose offers a $100 discount on like new, refurbished sets its Noise Cancelling headphones 700. They are $279 instead of $379 and come in a variety of colors. We don't recommend any refurbished product, but only those that we feel confident in taking on the risk. Bose acknowledges that the headphones might have small, almost imperceptible imperfections. There is a one year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.

Chris Welch, my colleague, reviewed them in 2019. They were superior to other noise cancelling headphones at the time. If you need more information, read our review.