Privacy in the new Metaverse

Meta is the artist who was formerly known by Facebook. Android Central was able to hear a lot from the company about Thursday's promising future for the new Metaverse. One area was not mentioned: security and privacy of users. This is a bad thing, and it's especially problematic when a company attempts to rebrand itself or assure customers how it intends to improve its services. If the company is Facebook, this problem doubles. Facebook was once the darling tech world. But it has since fallen into a new role that is not trusted by anyone. It's all the company's fault. Most people who visit Android Central and other tech websites will care about this. It is important that we care about the privacy practices of the companies who make our connected devices and the software that runs them. Many companies don't care about privacy, especially when new ideas are developed into products and services. VPN Deals: Monthly plans starting at $16 per month, lifetime licenses for $16 and more Virtual assistants are an excellent example. It was a long time ago that no one could have predicted how useful or intrusive software such as Alexa and Google Assistant would become. Even Apple, in 2021 is collecting more user data via Siri than Google Assistant. Apple prides itself on the privacy of its services and how little it collects. I am a little concerned about how the Metaverse will use, collect, protect, or use all of our data. It's still Facebook
Source: Alex Dobie / Android Central

Although the company now has a brand new name, the players are still the same. It's hard to believe that Facebook has such a track record. Although it's fun and exciting to hate Facebook, the company has earned our distrust. It's fun and exciting to hate Facebook. You can see it every time it appears in the news cycle. Social media is full of people ranting about how they will delete their Facebook accounts and quit. Although I am not the one telling you to stop using Facebook, I can tell you that the company has earned every bit the distrust it has sown. Facebook has proven it can do many things, including allowing third-parties to access your data, encouraging political division, and ignoring harmful content for children and teens. Facebook is a hate site for techies. Facebook is hated by the political left. The political right loathes Facebook. The U.S. Congress hates Facebook, despite it being one of America's largest companies and employing tens of thousand of people. Facebook is hated by everyone because they don't trust it. The majority of Facebook users are not affected by this problem, but it is a serious problem. The Metaverse is a disaster zone.

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central