Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, and other top investors and business leaders are ringing the inflation alarm. Here are their gravest warnings so far.

Inflation has been a concern for Warren Buffett and Elon Musk and many other investors and business leaders in recent months.
Jack Dorsey and Michael Burry have all warned about accelerating price rises. After officials pumped trillions into the US economy during the pandemic and failed to raise interest rates, they have blamed the federal government. They also delayed withdrawing their support.

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Warren Buffett

Buffett stated that "We're experiencing very substantial inflation" during Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting held in May.

The famed investor and Berkshire CEO, said that the costs of homebuilding are increasing.

Buffett repeatedly stressed the dangers of inflation. He once described it as a "gigantic corporation tapeworm" that eats up cash and reduces investor returns.

Michael Burry

Burry raised the alarm about inflation as early as April 2020 and doubled his warnings in February 2019.

Scion Asset Management boss, tweeted "Prepare For #Inflation." "#Inflation pressure building."

The billion-dollar investment by the investor against the housing bubble was immortalized both in the book and in the movie "The Big Short". He warned that the current situation could be comparable to America's 1970s inflationary crisis and Germany's 1920s hyperinflation.

Elon Musk. AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

Elon Musk

Musk, as the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been privy to the growing costs of microchips and component shortages.

He recently observed that "I don’t know much about the long-term, however, short-term we are experiencing strong inflationary pressure."

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO Kimberly White/Getty Photos

Jack Dorsey

Recently, the CEO and cofounder of Twitter issued one of most severe warnings regarding rising prices.

Dorsey tweeted, "Hyperinflation will change everything." It's happening.

He said, "It will occur in the US soon and so the rest of the world."

William Ackman, Pershing Square Capital Management's hedge fund manager, smiles during an interview in New York on September 27, 2010. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Bill Ackman

Ackman is very attentive to the prices of his holdings, which include hotels, restaurants and retailers as well as real-estate developers.

In July, the investor stated that there was "very, very significant inflation." To buy a house, you need to know the CEO and have a friend.

According to Pershing Square's chief, stimulus checks had forced restaurants and hotels to increase wages to attract workers. He predicted that the rises would continue.

Paul Tudor Jones, founder of Tudor Investment Corporation REUTERS/Eduardo Muoz/File photo

Paul Tudor Jones

Jones recently stated that inflation is the number one problem facing investors and the street.

The legendary trader and founder Tudor Investment Corporation, said that "it's probably the biggest threat to financial markets or society in general."

Jones foresaw stubborn inflation and urged people to not dismiss it. He also accused the Federal Reserve, accusing it of feeding the beast through its expansionary policies.

Jeffrey Gundlach, co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment officer of DoubleLine, speaks at the 16th Annual Sohn Investment Conference in New York on May 25, 2011. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

Jeff Gundlach

Investor known as "Bond King", is expecting price increases to continue.

Gundlach stated recently that "It is almost certain that there will be persistently high inflation." "We don’t believe inflation will fall below 4% in 2022," Gundlach stated.

DoubleLine Capital boss John McMahon cited rising housing costs and upward pressure on wages as the key drivers of inflation.


Carl Icahn

According to Icahn & Company's founder, rising prices could lead to a market crash.

Icahn stated that inflation is "taking hold in a poor way." "I believe there will be a crisis because of the way that we are printing money and the way that we are inflating inflation.

Jeff Zelevansky/Reuters

Leon Cooperman

According to Omega Advisors' boss, prices will continue rising as workers demand more money.

Cooperman stated in September that the Fed was wrong about inflation. "The idea that inflation is temporary is a pipedream. Labor costs account for 65% of all business costs. Do you know anyone who works for less in this environment?


John Paulson

Paulson, who bet against the mid 2000s housing bubble to make more than $15 billion for his hedge-fund, warned that inflation could be worse than experts predicted in August.

He stated that the market is too complacent about inflation. "We expect inflation to rise well above what is currently expected."

Paulson stated that investors could be tempted to sell fixed-income assets or cash for gold, which could lead to higher inflation.

REUTERS/Mike Segar

David Einhorn

Recent comments by Greenlight Capital bosses attributed inflation to a shortage of investments in manufacturing and shipping.

Einhorn stated that "too many dollars are being chased by too few goods and service." "We have seen a structural shift in inflation."

Mario Gabelli, Chairman and CEO, GAMCO Investors, Inc., speaks at the Reuters Global Investment Summit, New York Thomson Reuters

Mario Gabelli

Insider was recently informed by Gamco Investors' billionaire boss that he believes inflation has accelerated and that he expects continued wage inflation because people continue to demand higher salaries in face of rising prices.

Gabelli emphasized the psychological effects of higher gasoline prices on consumers and suggested that this could increase wages.