London's 'thinnest house' measures just 6-feet wide and is narrower than a bus. A 2-bedroom apartment inside is on sale for $1.1m.

A flat in London's thinnest house is up for sale, measuring just 6-feet in width at its narrowest point.
The listing has been up for 2 months and is priced at 795,000 ($1.1m).

This eccentric property is located in South Kensington, one of the most prestigious areas of the city.

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MyLondon reports that a two-bedroom apartment in London's thinnest house is up for sale.

Thin House is the location of the property that is up for sale at 795,000 (a total cost of $1 million). At its narrowest point, the thin building at Thurloe Square measures just 6-feet in width. This makes it wider than the standard London double-decker bus that is typically 8-feet wide.

It is smaller than other properties who have claimed the title of London’s narrowest home.

The living and dining room are 24 feet in length by 13 feet wide. Purplebricks

According to Secret London, the building is triangular. This means it measures 34 feet wide at its largest point.

It's located in South Kensington, one of London's most desirable areas. This area is just a stones throw from many of London's most prestigious addresses, as well as luxury department stores and historic museums.

The apartment comes with a small terrace and has access to the communal gardens.

The living room and diner are adjacent to the south-facing terrace. Purplebricks

A local builder built the building in late 19th century to fill the space between the London Underground's District Line (and other houses along the road), per Secret London.

The Thin House was created when he filled the triangle with seven artists' studios.

The Thin House features a triangular, compact shower room. Purplebricks

Since early September, the 2-bedroom apartment in the slithering of a building has been on the market.

The bedroom of the Thin House measures 11 feet by 10 feet. Purplebricks

MyLondon believes that the property's proximity to a busy Tube line, high price tag and unusual shape could make it difficult for sellers to sell.