Somehow Adolf Hitler Has Received a Covid Vaccine Passport in the EU

If the European Union's digital vaccination certificate program is believed, then the former leader of Germany in 1940s Germany appears to be well. He's actually doing much better than he was before he was vaccinated against covid-19.


Yes, Hitler is still alive. However, it appears that someone has obtained the cryptographic key to digitally certify covid-19 vaccination cards in certain European nations and has been creating bullshit certificates for real people.

Recently, cybercriminals selling digital vaccination certificates were sold on the dark internet for $300 per pop by criminals. Journalists were asked what they were doing and one criminal gave them a working Adolf Hitler vaccine certificate. A number of vaccine passports, including those for SpongeBob Squarepants and Mickey Mouse, were being sold by the former dictator.

Bleeping Computer recently viewed the fake, but approved certificates and was able to confirm that Hitlers was still functioning as of Thursday.

These fake certificates are believed to have been obtained from a compromise of the EU's digital vaccination certificate program. This is Europe's recent effort to ensure all citizens are vaxxed before traveling or attending most recreational events. The certificate, also known as Green Pass, can be obtained via a variety of means. It is usually obtained through testing centers or health agencies. This certificate is required if you plan to go to a movie, visit a restaurant or do any other activity that involves fun. The European Commission states that the digital signature protects the pass from falsification and contains a QR code.

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It appears that someone with access to the private key for validating certificates was able to either leak it or use it in a way that is not illegal.

Threatpost reached out to the European Commission to get clarification.


Private cryptographic keys could be leaked and cause chaos in affected countries. A fake certificate would allow unvaccinated individuals to bypass any health restrictions. This could potentially pose significant health risks for their communities. A leak of this size could also force affected governments to cancel certain vaccination certificates.

However, it is not clear what exactly has happened nor why the fake certificates are popping up. This does not look great.