With sexist jokes, Elon Musk's tweets sink to a new low

Are you confused as to why tech companies are facing a reckoning with harassment and misogyny? Look at Elon Musk's tweets.
You can take a deep sigh like I did just now, because the world's wealthiest man and possibly its first trillionaire, decided that now was a great time for a Twitter joke about boobs.

His tweets were punished by the SEC as well as the Tesla board. He was also sued for defamation after his tweets led to him being sued. These tweets are the most gross in terms of grossness.

It's... just... terrible. He came up with an acronym to spell the word "tits." It gets worse as the thread goes on. You thought he was making an acronym joke, but it's not.

"Lighten up," you might say. It's a joke! Silly Elon!

Imagine this man being your boss. Imagine if he told you this joke. This would likely lead to an investigation and possibly even a firing. The Boring Company, SpaceX, Tesla and SpaceX need to speak up. What makes this man your leader?

Cher Scarlett, one of the leaders in the Apple Too movement, pointed out that it's not surprising there's a toxic tech culture full of sexism.

That's all. This is it. This horrible taste must go. Grimes, wherever your are, I'm so happy for you.