Pence Demands School Officials Resign for 'Cover-Up' of Sexual Assaults

Former Vice President Mike Pence visited Loudoun County in Virginia to thank concerned parents and students. He also called for the resignation of school officials over recent sexual assaults at county schools.
Pence stated that school board members and anyone else responsible for this tragedy or cover-up must resign immediately. He was referring to the sexual assaults that were reported by Loudoun County Sheriffs Office as being committed by the same teenage boy at both high schools.

While visiting Patrick Henry College, Virginia, Pence also spoke out on other issues, including his support for school choice, and what supporters call patriotic education.

However, Loudoun County school events continued to be viral. The former vice president started his remarks by pointing out: The eyes are on Loudoun County in Virginia.

It is amazing to consider that Loudoun County has become the epicenter for a powerful movement that is spreading across the country. This movement of concerned parents, patriotic citizens, and concerned parents, demands an end to curriculums which divide our nation, and accountability for educational bureaucrats, Pence stated.

Under scrutiny for their policies on gender identity, critical race theory and school board members, administrators and school board members have repeatedly denied covering up sexual assaults.

According to The Daily Wire, in July, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office charged the boy with two counts forcible sodomy. This was in connection to a May assault on a ninth grade girl in a high-school restroom. At the time of the rape, the boy was 14 years old. He allegedly wore a skirt to the girls' room.

Later, the same gender-fluid biological man was charged with abduction and sexual battery in connection to an October attack on a female student in a school room.

In the May case, a juvenile judge convicted the boy, now aged 15, of sexually assaulting the girl, ninth grade, in the bathroom.

Two high schools were the victims of the assaults. After he was accused in the first school of rape, Loudoun County Public Schools apparently transferred him to the second school.

Parents claim that Loudoun County school officials concealed the sexual assaults and implemented new policies to protect transgender students.

Scott Ziegler, Schools Superintendent, had stated earlier that the predator transgender person or student simply doesn't exist. He also said: "We don't have any record of assaults happening in our bathrooms."

One member of Loudoun County's School Board has resigned.

Pence described the events as the tragic consequences of schools prioritizing radical left ideology over all else, even safety for our children.

It breaks my heart, and it angers to think that these crimes occurred because some adults cared less about politics than the well being of our children, Pence stated.

Let me also commend parents who attended the meetings of the school board, including this week. I want to congratulate the students who marched out against the school board's gross negligence and dereliction. Let me also say that school board members as well as anyone else responsible for this tragedy or cover-up must resign immediately.

Pence also demanded that U.S. attorney general Merrick Garland rip up his Oct. 4, memo asking for the FBI investigation of parents who protest policies of local school boards.

He said also that state-sponsored racism is when schools teach or use critical race theory.

According to the ex-vice president, Loudoun County's parents movement is just one example of parents who are speaking out for public schools across the United States.

All those patriotic Americans and their parents, students, and parents, I am here today to thank you, Pence stated. These schools belong to America, and you have reminded America of that.

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