Expert Warns That Human Beings Are Going to Start Getting Hacked

He claims that companies are trying to "increasingly manipulate" you.
Hacked Humans

Yuval Harari is a social philosopher of international standing and the author of Sapiens. He warns that AI will be exploited by big corporations to hack people.

According to CBSs 60 Minutes, Harari thinks that AI's rapidly improving sophistication could lead to a large number of hacker humans. He is calling for the leaders of the world to regulate AI and data collection by large corporations.

He explained to the show that hacking a human being means to get to know them better than they do themselves. You can then manipulate yourself more.

Dangerous Data

The root of the problem is the rise of tech companies that collect massive amounts of information about users. Harari is concerned that people are more willing to give up their private lives in order to support companies that don't have their best interests at heart.



He said that Netflix and Amazon both tell us what we should watch, while Amazon tells what to buy. These algorithms will eventually tell you where to go to college, what to do at work, who to marry, and how to vote.

AI Regulation

Harari advised nations to consider the threat of AI-powered AI and suggested that they establish clear and rigorous safeguards to prevent data manipulation.

We are now at the stage where we require global cooperation, it is certain. Harari stated that artificial intelligence cannot be controlled at a national level.

This is a frightening, but possible outlook, especially since tech companies want users to abandon physical reality and accept a virtual one.



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