McDonald’s Created a McRib NFT Because We Live in Hell

This is the most lame dystopia you've ever seen.

McDonald's announced that the McRib will be back.

According to a press release, McRib NFTs were announced by the hamburger chain as a tired display of late-stage capitalism. To give customers the opportunity to enjoy McRib NFTs year-round, the company announced that they would be offering them as part of a sweepstakes starting Monday November 1.

The McRib NFTs, digital versions of the fan-favorite sandwich, are being given away to a few lucky Twitter users starting Nov. 1.

It's all sauce, and there is not one drop of irony.



Dystopian Tubes

The NFT trend is not new to the restaurant industry. This year, NFTs were offered by Megacorps like Nike, Taco Bell and Coca-Cola. McDonald's has a unique marketing strategy that gives away McRib tokens free of charge to its customers in order to promote the sandwich release.

This is to be expected. It's easy for corporations to jump on flashy trends and make extra money, but it can be exhausting.

The Golden Arches selling sandwiches with cool new tech is the best example of how cool new technology can be. It just proves that we live in a cyberpunk dystopia. Where behemoth corporations will use all digital tools to make money, while the majority of us will enjoy it like McRib sandwiches.

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