AOC says now is the time to 'bring the heat on Biden' to cancel student debt: 'He doesn't need Manchin's permission for that'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in June. J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo
Biden revealed a $1.75 Trillion social-spending plan that is devoid of progressive priorities.

AOC stated on Instagram that the "slashed” spending package was a way to increase student debt cancellation pressure.

She said, "He must step up his executive actions and demonstrate his commitment to deliver for the people."

AOC is disappointed by the $1.75 trillion Social-Spending Plan President Joe Biden revealed on Thursday. She says it's a great time to increase pressure on President Obama to cancel student loans.

This plan is substantially smaller than the original $3.5 trillion proposal by Democrats and it leaves out many progressive priorities thanks to negotiations that were required to get centrist Democratic Sens to agree to it. Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema are now onboard.

This representative is from New York. On Thursday, she posted about the Build Back Better (BBB), a smaller framework.

"I believe that given the extent of BBB's cuts, there is more chance than ever for Biden to cancel student loan. Manchin doesn't have to give him permission to do that. Now that his agenda has been sliced thinly, he should step up executive action and demonstrate his commitment to people.

Ocasio-Cortez suggested the possibility for a "showdown" when student-loan payment are due to resume on February 1, after nearly two years of pause. She also said that "we must organize and prepare actions immediately." For guidance, she referred to the Debt Collective, a union of debtors that fights to eliminate all forms debt.

-The Debt Collective (@StrikeDebt), October 29, 2021

Insider reported that the only measure that could have helped reduce student debt was free community college. Higher education received a $40 billion investment to support minority-serving colleges and increase Pell grants, as opposed to the $400 billion for early education.

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The Education Department is apparently preparing a "safety network" to help borrowers get back on track next year. This doesn't mean that student-debt cancellation will be imminent. Biden has not fulfilled his campaign promise to forgive $10,000 per borrower. He asked the department to prepare a memo about his legal ability cancel at least $50,000.

Ocasio Cortez and a group of Democratic colleagues joined Ocasio Cortez earlier this month to urge the department to inform borrowers across the nation if Biden will cancel student loans.

Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Representative, said that "millions of borrowers across America are desperate asking for student loan relief." "We know that the President can do this with a stroke of a pen."

Biden has so-far canceled approximately $11.5 billion of student debt for targeted groups, such as those defrauded or for-profit schools. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona recently stated that "conversations continue" regarding broad loan forgiveness.

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