Cricket Wireless removes speed caps from several plans and offers 5G to everyone

Cricket Wireless now offers more options for those who want to access 5G via a prepaid plan. It will now offer nationwide 5G access to all its plans. The company launched its plans a year ago, but only supported one device. Cricket Wireless revealed that it has served more than 12.4 million subscribers and has added 2 million customers over the past two years.
Cricket Wireless also removed an 8Mbps speed limit on its $30, $40 and $55 plans. We will only know how much bandwidth Cricket Wireless can provide reliably using AT&T's network once the caps are gone. The announcement's fine print reveals Crickets coverage map and lists of compatible 5G devices. The $55 per month plan also mentions that Cricket may temporarily slow down data speeds when the network is busy.

However, 5G has not yet provided any significant benefits to customers, regardless of which wireless carrier they use. You can now get 5G access starting at $25 per month per line if you have four lines. AT&T's plans to increase the coverage of its mid-band 5G connections in the next few years could mean that things will improve.